St. Lucia – Anse Chastanet

The Anse Chastanet is an excellent choice for a truly relaxing visit to the island of St. Lucia where you can be one with the environment. Arriving by boat one can just barely see the building, up high on the hill.  And not to worry – you have your choice of walking up and stopping along the way to admire the view or you’ll be picked up and driven to the main building.

And a real treasure here are the views from the rooms.

The rooms themselves make you “ooh and aw (!) with every discovery about the room.

Some of the rooms have a 4th wall that is entirely open to the views or even missing.

A stay here can transport you from the everyday stress of life.  You can enjoy an action packed vacation or honeymoon with watersports, hiking and more.  Or you can simply relax and be pampered.

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