About Wild Blue Travel

Wild Blue Travel is a full service travel agency owned by me — Mary Burney, and it is now in it’s 13th  year of business.

What possessed me to open a travel agency?  Well, i started traveling at a very young age as my father was employed by the US State Department. Growing up i lived in Liberia, Tunisia, Bangkok, Ethiopia and Uruguay; which is where i graduated high school in a class of 12.  Because many of the countries in which we lived were considered “hardship” assignments by the State Department, we spent a number of vacations here and there in Europe and also Greece.

But even before we started our travels, my mother was the true adventurer — leaving her home on Vancouver Island, Canada and traveling to Israel – where she met my father — both of them working for the US Consulate in Haifa. I guess its no wonder i inherited the travel bug!

Later in life when i married, my husband and son became willing travel companions for me. We created wonderful memories traveling throughout the USA and also to much of the Caribbean.

And my passion for travel hasn’t ceased as i truly enjoy creating trips for my clients — whether they are novice travelers or world travelers who simply enjoy letting me handle all the details of their trips —  I love helping other people see the world!

To work with me for your next trip please call to make an appointment. It can be in person, via email, over the phone or text.  Let me get started planning your next memory!!

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